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We offer successful crypto asset management services, designed to help clients to multiply their crypto investment everyday. We are based in Hong Kong and have in our employ investment professionals from advanced computer technology to engineering.

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Welcome to Bit-Elysium, The Hong Kong based crypto company instituted in late 2017 to focus the crypto-currency trading and mining business. Bit-Elysium establishment is available for everyone and presents their professional service to successes that want to benefit in the highly rated crypto market. We have the team of analytics, miners, and traders that share their skills and turn your fund into smart investments. Bit-Elysium will be the one-stop solution that will help you to be financially free. Your investment will generate forever earning every hour that will be 5% per day. Besides that our referral program will excite you more. Our website is secured by firewalls and DDoS protected servers. With the user-friendly and secure environment, your investment will be handled by right and smart brains. Join today and check why investors love us.

4.8% Daily Profit

We offer 0.20% hourly profit forever with lucrative terms

We Work with Bitcoin (BTC)

We are working with the most popular and recognised cryptocurrency - Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Hourly Interest on Your Investments

Once you have become an active participant, a hourly interest rate of 0.20% will be applied to your account balance, which can be withdrawn or re-invested on your request.

Investment with major currencies.

BitElysium accepts many digital and crypto currnecies.You can deposit with any with the listed currnecy and start your earning from the next hour. Deposit and withdrawals are always instant.

Support Just One Touch Away

FAQ has replies to 99% of your questions, however if you still need our support, you are more than welcome to contact our 24/7 support team through a channel that fits your needs: email or telegram chat.

Bullet-Proof Security Layers

Our dedicated servers are equipped with AVG Technologies antivirus and malware, any information provided to us is encrypted using EV SSL, SGC powered by GeoTrust.

We offer 0.20% hourly profit forever with lucrative terms

The main principles are that you will need only ฿0.0020 to join and you will be able to earn 0.20% every hour. Interest is added to your account balance after every hour from the time you made the deposit. Your deposit will provide interest to your account balance as long for as forever.All withdrawals are processed instantly. Zero fee is applied for deposits and withdrawal.

Secured Environment for Investors !!

Along with best 2FA security, we have anti DDOS protection and AVG firewall guard that secures your account and 256 bit encryption that makes your deposit and withdraw secured anytime. Your funds are handled by the smartest people and you get the best asset management service at BitElysium, Period !!

Our Investment Plan: Earn 0.20% Hourly | 4.8% Daily Forever

Calculate your profit before depositing your Bitcoins at BitElysium !

Hourly Profit
Daily Profit
Total Profit
     starlord Jun-22-2018 03:10:40 AM Ƀ0.02552799
     baldomero35 Jun-22-2018 03:09:56 AM Ƀ0.06700000
     Tasin2 Jun-22-2018 03:09:23 AM Ƀ0.01000000
     vicammno Jun-22-2018 03:08:49 AM Ƀ0.02500000
     fraser Jun-22-2018 03:08:03 AM Ƀ0.00200000
     querida Jun-22-2018 03:05:47 AM Ƀ0.06000900
     poitazore Jun-22-2018 03:04:57 AM Ƀ0.00200000
     dispiter Jun-22-2018 03:04:33 AM Ƀ0.10000000
     Kerilithia Jun-22-2018 03:04:04 AM Ƀ0.05000000
     Afshinmash Jun-22-2018 03:03:36 AM Ƀ1.00000000
     kenzo3173 Jun-22-2018 03:32:50 AM Ƀ0.00054039
     Erikbitelysium Jun-22-2018 03:28:56 AM Ƀ0.00203100
     new Jun-22-2018 03:27:49 AM Ƀ0.00060000
     investt Jun-22-2018 03:21:36 AM Ƀ0.00095394
     Kisza Jun-22-2018 03:09:36 AM Ƀ0.00081600
     dimoncim Jun-22-2018 03:04:06 AM Ƀ0.00050000
     miko2727 Jun-22-2018 02:59:53 AM Ƀ0.00070000
     gbit Jun-22-2018 02:51:56 AM Ƀ0.00848481
     hyiper_net Jun-22-2018 02:37:54 AM Ƀ0.00224300
     mmcoriolano Jun-22-2018 02:34:56 AM Ƀ0.00050000

Sit Back, Relax. Watch Your Bitcoins Grow. Hourly! offers only one investment plan, so you will have no trouble choosing. Any deposit amount that you invest will bring you 0.20% hourly (4.8% daily) profit forever (including weekends and holidays).Taking into account the fact that the company is involved in cloud crypto mining, the main and only currency we operate is Bitcoin. The minimum amount you need to make a deposit is 0.002 BTC and also you can invest using other crypto and digital currencies as well.

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Present our project to your friends, family, or any other community and enjoy the financial benefits. You don't even need an active deposit to receive affiliate commission; just share your affiliate link, which you can find in your personal account and start earning! Be our Representative and earn more !!

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