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Understanding Independent Medical Examination.

31 million people suffer injuries annually just in the US. 2 million of these cases are so bad the victims have to be hospitalized. In case you have an injury determine whether it could have been avoided if someone else was not negligent. Ensure you get compensation if the accident was the mistake of someone else whether it was a personal injury, you slipped and fell or you were involved in a car accident. Nevertheless, an independent medical examination is necessary before you get the compensation. If you are wondering what an IME is them you should keep on reading to get the answers you are looking for. Insurance companies don’t like spending money which is why they usually dispute the case if they feel the settlement is too high. Your chance will be better though harmed with an IME.

The IME will be completed by a doctor who has no stake in the case. The medical reports will not just be accurate but also objective. This is meant to keep the compensation fair. Insurance companies usually ask for IME when they feel like the amount the victim is asking for is too high. In the event of a misdiagnosis you can have the IME too or when you want a thorough medical examination. Those who call for the IME also have the freedom to choose the doctor as well. Apart from the previous medical report, the doctor will also have a look at the other documents you have presented. The insurance company is free to present more questions they need the doctor to clarify so that they can get a good grip of the situation.

Some of the questions that may arise include whether the symptoms are as a result of the accident and if the condition was properly diagnosed. On top of that, the doctor will determine whether you require more tests and treatments and if you are able to resume your work. Permanent disabilities caused by the accident can also be determined by the doctor and if there are accommodations you will need should you go back to work. You will get a medical exam just like any other person might get. On top of that, the doctor will have a look at your injuries and discuss your symptoms. Sometimes there may be a need for further tests for the situation to be understood better and this might also include x-rays and you can read on here.

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